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Learning how to Sing can be challenging. Teaching how to sing is even trickier! There are many singing teachers out there – some do not know proper technique, and can take you down the wrong path, causing many vocal problems. So how do you know who to choose? You can have confidence in my teaching! I will give you a foundation of real vocal technique. I have taught voice for 24 years, and was on the voice faculty at 2 universities. I earned a Masters Degree at MANHATTAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC, & was trained by the best -- in NYC, San Francisco, Germany & Italy – including coaches from the METROPOLITAN OPERA. I have had a career as an opera singer; I also sing BROADWAY, Jazz, BigBand, Spirituals, Sacred & other various styles – I believe in versatility. Let me unleash your singing!

Improving your English is my specialty, whether foreign or native. I have coached speech for 15 years, and have worked with students from: India, Asia, Polynesia, South America, Africa, Middle East & Europe; as well as Americans. I help to eliminate unwanted dialects. I also specialize in helping foreigners learn how to PRONOUNCE English the American way. We will identify your habits, and the patterns that hold you back. Then we will practice getting you into NEW habits, new ways to be understood. Master the phonetics and diction of American style English. Your effectiveness in your job and your personal life will be noticeable to others, and bring new opportunities.

Let me help you start your new path TODAY!

Vocal and Breathing Techniques
Classical Art Songs
Operatic Training
Languages - Italian, German, French, Latin
Artistic and Dramatic Interpretations
Broadway, Musical Theater
Jazz Improvisation
Audition Preparation
Portfolio Creation
Image/Wardrobe Consultation
Music Theory
Sight Reading, Ear Training
Choral Training
Customized Vocal Stylizing
Vocal Harmonizing
Song Arranging
Conducting Skills
Vocal Health Issues


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