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★ Have you always wanted to express yourself through your singing?
★ Do you want more confidence when speaking?
★ Do you want to improve your American accent?

This is the right place – that’s what the Follow Your Dream Vocal Lyceum is all about -- helping you to realize those vocal goals, those dreams of singing and speaking . . . I offer private customized sessions – for all levels, all ages, all styles.

★ Now offering Lessons by SKYPE and FACE TIME! My Purpose

My Purpose

Hi – I am Andrea, thanks for stopping by. I have taught voice for 24 years, influencing students from all walks of life. I am here to:

Encourage & inspire you to act on your dreams, guiding you from studio to stage, wherever your aspirations lead!

Transform your life, and the lives of others, through the power of Your Voice!

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are a fantastic opportunity! It’s about a lot more than just the singing. Singing is a valuable skill that opens up a whole new world -- building your confidence in how you present yourself in life – not just in performing, but in social situations, job interviews, business presentations, and much more! Singing requires that extra set of ears – to hear what you can’t hear in yourself. Let me help you discover your own voice! In your lessons, I accompany you on piano, & record the accompaniments onto CD’s, so you can practice at home with piano backing you! I teach all levels, all ages, & all styles, including Pop, BROADWAY, Opera, Jazz, Christian, Sacred & other various styles
– I believe in versatility!

Speech Coaching

Learn how to project your voice & be heard. Improve your tone quality, get rid of nasal or raspy tone. Raise your voice, lower your voice. Improve your articulation & diction. Refine your public speaking. Polish your presentations. Overcome inhibitions, increase your confidence. Recite narration with dramatic inflection. Show charisma, hold your audience. Create a positive first impression – address your appearance, wardrobe, image, posture, eye contact – all those details that affect the quality of your performance!

American Accent

Is English your 2nd language? Are you being held back at your job – because of your English? Can people not understand you? Do you deserve that promotion? Do you want more confidence? Sound more American – learn how to pronounce English the American way. Connect with your clients & customers naturally. Increase your effectiveness & achieve the American Dream! I work with students from all parts of the world. You have something important to say. Increase your confidence, & see success. I am here to help YOU reach your goals -- You CAN do it!

Studio Services

Vocal and Breathing Techniques

Classical Art Songs

Operatic Training

Languages - Italian, German, French, Latin

Artistic Interpretation

Broadway, Musical Theater

Stage Technique

Jazz Improvisation

Audition Preparation

Drama & Monologue Coaching

Portfolio Creation

Image/Wardrobe Consultation

Music Theory, Sight Reading, Ear Training

Choral Training, Vocal Harmonizing

Customized Vocal Stylizing

Conducting Skills

Vocal Health Issues

Speech Coaching

Vocal Tone & Projection

Public Speaking & Presentation

American Accent Improvement

Qualified Instructor

Learning how to Sing can be challenging. Teaching how to sing is even trickier! There are many singing teachers out there – some do not know proper technique, and can take you down the wrong path, causing many vocal problems. So how do you know who to choose? You can have confidence in my teaching! I will give you a foundation of real vocal technique. I have taught voice for 24 years, and was on the voice faculty at 2 universities. I earned a Masters Degree at MANHATTAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC, & was trained by the best -- in NYC, San Francisco, Germany & Italy – including coaches from the METROPOLITAN OPERA. I have had a career as an opera singer; I also sing BROADWAY, Jazz, BigBand, Spirituals, Sacred & other various styles – I believe in versatility. Let me unleash your singing!

Improving your English is my specialty, whether foreign or native. I have coached speech for 15 years, and have worked with students from: India, Asia, Polynesia, South America, Africa, Middle East & Europe; as well as Americans. I help to eliminate unwanted dialects. I also specialize in helping foreigners learn how to PRONOUNCE English the American way. We will identify your habits, and the patterns that hold you back. Then we will practice getting you into NEW habits, new ways to be understood. Master the phonetics and diction of American style English. Your effectiveness in your job and your personal life will be noticeable to others, and bring new opportunities.

Let me help you start your new path TODAY!

I look forward to speaking with you soon - - - *_*

★ Lessons are NOW available through SKYPE and FACETIME ★

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